Abkhazian (2)


   Abkhazia 1984
   Translation: Nelly Tarba *
   Publisher: Alashara Edition
   Paperback, 20x14,5, b&w


Thanks to Asida , daughter of the translator, for her immense generosity.

   Abkhazia 2006

   Translation: Nelly Tarba *
   Publisher: Alashara Edition
   Hardback, 22x15, color


Thanks once again to Asida , daughter of the translator, for her renewed immense generosity.

Nelly Tarba

(picture provided by her daughter, Asida)


The Little Prince and His Little Rose.


The world has seen people of legend,

They were born long ago.

They live with us today,

They will be born again!

And thus forever more!

No matter where such people come from or which nation they belong to. They are people of legend.  Beauty and honor are parts of their life. People all over the world are proud of their heroes and treat them as undying stars. Whenever they die, their death is a great loss and it causes just sorrow.

Whenever people speak

They say about them

Dedicate songs to them,

And such is Antoine de Saint Exupery, a French writer and aviator.

He was born in France in 1900 in the city of Lyons. Being a child he promised to be gifted. He was hard - working and talented. He learned to play the violin. He wrote many poems and drew very well. He got interested in techniques, cars and architecture too. One happy day at the age of 12 a French pilot Vedrin took him flying.

In 1921 he joined the army and since that time he had chosen the profession of a pilot.

He worked a lot in Morocco as well as in South America. That was the time of creation of the aviation. He tested many planes and he helped to pioneer the mail air routes.

Wherever could he manage to fly and reach! He flew over Cordillera and Sahara and many other places.  He was lucky to survive several plane crashes. He often flew to rescue flyers that had crashed in the desert. He was always very responsible and tried to do his best. Many times he was a hair’s breadth away from death and more and more he loved life. He loved flying and he loved seeing the world. He wanted people to know him and offered them his thoughts and ideas. Thus he began writing. His first books were ‘Southern Mail’ and ‘Night Flight’ the books were about pilots` hard life. During civil war in Spain Antoine de Saint Exupery wrote articles full of pain!  He foresaw a harsh destiny of Europe facing fascist time.

In 1939 he wrote one of his best books ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’. It is full of human love. He also wrote stories “Letter to a Hostage”, “Flight to Arras”.

During the Second World War although he was considered unable to fly military planes because of his several injures, he joined the army and made several flights. He was fighting against fascists in France.   On the 31st of July in 1944 he didn’t return back to the compound. Saint- Exupery didn’t fly back. He did tell people a lot through his books though neither did he live long nor wrote a lot.

Not long before his death, Antoine de Saint Exupery wrote a little fascinating book, a philosophical tale which differs a lot from his previous ones. It was “The Little Prince” with his drawings. It is sad and wonderful and was dedicated mostly to adults then children. It was written with great talent and full of common sense.” The Little Prince” has been translated into many languages of the world.

In 1984 it appeared in the Abkhaz language for the Abkhaz readers. The book was poorly published, even the author’s drawings weren’t colored and the paper not of a good quality but despite of everything it was published and started living in Abkhaz! The one who read it once in Russian, French or English then in Abkhaz would never be disappointed and could appreciate that it sounds wonderfully in the Abkhaz language.

One can feel the beauty of the tale expressed in the Abkhaz language!

One can say the author of ”The Little Prince” never dies!

This is the work of a genius!

Such a writer is the son of all nations around the world!

Who could say he is not Abkhaz a fairy - tale child, the Little Prince!

If he were a tiny burning piece one could heartily carry him around in   his heart and would never take him out because the Little Prince is so warm and dear! And one thinks of him with a heavy heart having lost him.

The book is a tale, but not a common one it has its own high philosophy.

What a wonderful tale is it!

It provokes adults think of life’s essential meaning.

It is a perfect gift for children because of its wisdom and beauty.

Anyone who reads it will never forget it up to his dying days.

It will go with the reader and stay in his heart forever.

This is how he is the sparkling Little Prince!

It is his mysterious destiny!

What a wonderful child he was the one who said:

“… There are millions of stars around the sky and there is just only one little rose living somewhere you love most of all. And it is enough: the one who loves is happy to look at the sky knowing that his rose lives there. And you say at the bottom of your heart:” Here somewhere my rose lives”. But then a sheep could come and eat the rose and then it seemed to you that all the stars altogether stop sparkling”.

The Little Prince didn’t talk a lot, but whenever he talks much of his wisdom was drawn from! He wasn’t like other children!

Let the Little Prince be with everyone!

Let all people get the Little Prince!

Let all people be happy!

Let the Little Prince have his Rose!


Nelly Tarba.